Our Commitment

About TrackEPR

Discover TrackEPR's mission, vision, and objectives. Learn about our association and explore how our commitment to technological innovation aligns with a sustainable future.


Who we are?

TrackEPR by Trackbee Data Solutions Pvt Ltd

We are a startup with a robust technological backbone, stands at the intersection of innovation and sustainability. Our unique position within Trackbee Data Solutions Pvt Ltd, an ISO 27001 certified company, equips us with the expertise and agility to address the dynamic challenges of waste management. Our SaaS-based Trackbee Survey Software exemplifies our commitment to delivering reliable, data-driven solutions. With TrackEPR, we’re not just helping businesses comply with regulations; we’re helping them become pioneers in environmental responsibility.

Our Mission

At TrackEPR, our mission is to merge technology with sustainability for smarter waste management. We empower businesses to effortlessly meet Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) compliance, turning regulatory requirements into opportunities for environmental leadership.

Our Vision

We aim to lead sustainable waste management by integrating state-of-the-art technology and strong environmental ethics. Our vision is to simplify handling diverse waste streams, including eWaste, Battery Waste, Tyre Waste, and Plastic Waste, through tech-driven solutions. We are committed to advancing a circular economy, where resource conservation is enhanced by technological innovation, creating a sustainable and efficient business ecosystem.

Our Objectives

Innovate for Impact:

To continuously develop cutting-edge technology that simplifies EPR compliance, making it more accessible and effective for businesses of all sizes.

Drive Sustainable Practices:

To lead by example in the integration of sustainability into business operations, helping clients not only meet but exceed their environmental responsibilities.

Educate and Collaborate:

To serve as a knowledge hub for EPR and waste management, fostering partnerships and collaborations that amplify our collective impact on the environment.

Expand Horizons:

To broaden our scope beyond Plastic Waste Management, addressing the growing needs of eWaste, Battery Waste, and Tyre Waste management.