Tailored EPR Consulting


Navigate the complexities of EPR with our consulting services, including mock audits for recyclers, ensuring regulatory readiness and excellence.

Consulting Services

Mock Audit for Plastic Waste Processors (PWPs)

Pre-Audit Assessment

Conducting an initial review of the client's current waste management practices and compliance status with CPCB (Central Pollution Control Board) norms.

Mock Audit Simulations

Conducting mock audit simulations to prepare the firm for actual CPCB audits, ensuring they can confidently handle the inspection process.

CPCB Portal Compliance Check

Ensuring that the client's account and submissions on the CPCB portal are accurate, up-to-date, and compliant with regulatory requirements.

Documentation Verification

Rigorously examining sales and procurement documents, licenses, and other relevant paperwork to ensure they align with regulatory standards.

Capacity Analysis

Assessing the processing capacity of each machine and facility against declared capabilities and regulatory mandates.

Physical Site Inspection

Conducting a thorough on-site audit to inspect the physical operations, including waste handling, processing, and EPR credit generation.

Compliance Reporting

Preparing a comprehensive audit report highlighting areas of compliance and concern, with clear indications of any irregularities or non-compliance issues.

Recommendations and Action Plan

Offering tailored solutions and an action plan to address identified issues, including procedural adjustments and updates to equipment or processes as needed.

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