Transforming EPR Challenges into Success: How TrackEPR Delivers Remarkable Cost Savings


In the rapidly evolving world of environmental compliance, Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) presents both challenges and opportunities for businesses. At TrackEPR, a division of TrackBee Data Solutions Pvt Ltd, we specialize in turning these challenges into success stories. Our expertise in EPR solutions has not only helped businesses comply with regulatory requirements but also significantly reduce operational costs.

Success Story 1: A Game-Changer for a Delhi-based Importer

One of our most notable successes involved a Delhi-based importer grappling with a daunting EPR target of 800 tons annually. The financial and logistical burden of this target was a significant concern for the company. Our team at TrackEPR stepped in to analyze and reassess their EPR obligations using our specialized approach.

Through a detailed audit and the implementation of strategic optimization methods, we successfully reduced their EPR target to just 20 tons. This massive reduction resulted in annual savings of over INR 6 lakhs for the company, a figure that not only eased their financial burden but also streamlined their operational processes.

Success Story 2: Revolutionizing Compliance for a Plastic Packaging Manufacturer

Our expertise was further exemplified in our work with a renowned plastic packaging manufacturer. Initially facing an EPR target of 6,000 tons per annum, the company was under significant pressure to meet these obligations while maintaining profitability.

Our approach at TrackEPR involved a comprehensive audit of their EPR targets and the deployment of innovative optimization strategies. The result was a staggering reduction in their EPR target to 1,500 tons, effectively cutting their EPR compliance costs by 75%. This not only represented a substantial financial saving but also positioned the company as a leader in environmental compliance within their industry.

Conclusion: Your Partner in EPR Compliance and Cost Savings

These success stories are a testament to TrackEPR’s commitment to providing effective, efficient, and tailored EPR solutions. Our ability to significantly lower EPR targets and compliance costs can be a game-changer for your business too.

Imagine the savings and operational efficiencies we could unlock for your company. With TrackEPR, navigating the complexities of EPR compliance becomes not just manageable but profitable. Let us help you transform your EPR challenges into your next big success story.

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