EPR Solutions

From Compliance to Circularity

EPR in India extends beyond waste management; it involves designing products to incorporate end-of-life management 
costs right from the start. An EPR consultant in India can guide businesses in implementing this sustainable approach.

Securing EPR Compliance

The Crucial Role of EPR Consultants

EPR Compliance in India, distinct from financial and other business compliance, prioritizes environmental sustainability. It entails proactive measures, embraces circular economy principles, and requires collaboration with stakeholders. Expert guidance is crucial due to policy changes, as non-compliance can result in significant Environmental Compensation (EC) fines. An EPR consultant in India plays an indispensable role in navigating this evolving landscape effectively.

EPR Workflow

Explore the seamless flow of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) through our detailed diagram. Unravel the stages, from initiation to compliance, illustrating how EPR becomes a catalyst for sustainable waste management.

EPR Solutions for Various
Waste Streams

Empower Your EPR Compliance with Cutting-Edge Technology. TrackEPR - Your Technology-Driven EPR Solution Provider

EPR for Plastic Packaging waste

It is now business-critical for Plastic Packaging Producers, Importers, Brand Owners, and Plastic Waste Processors in India, who must register with the CPCB and fulfill their obligations.

EPR for e-Waste

In India it involves various stakeholders, such as manufacturers, refurbishers, dismantlers, and recyclers. Obligations encompass mandatory registration, quarterly reporting, and meeting EPR targets.

EPR for Battery waste

EPR for Battery Waste encompasses the responsibilities of Producers (including Importers), Refurbishers, Recyclers dealing with a diverse range of battery types. This includes Portable, Industrial, Electric Vehicle, Automotive batteries.

EPR for Tyres

Stakeholders including producers, recyclers, and retreaders must complete mandatory registration and take responsibility for comprehensive compliance management and fulfillment in the realm of Tyre Waste.

Why choose TrackEPR?

Elevate Your EPR Compliance with TrackEPR, your trusted EPR consultant in India. Our expertise, sustainable solutions, and cutting-edge technology contribute to a circular economy, ensuring a seamless and impactful journey towards resource efficiency.

Effortless Compliance with In-House Technology

Our proprietary technology streamlines compliance management, ensuring quick turnaround and effortless EPR adherence.

ISO 27001 Certification

Our commitment to data security and quality is reinforced by our ISO 27001 certification.

Compliance Update

With our guidance, businesses stay updated with evolving regulations, reducing the risk of penalties.

One-Stop Solution

From compliance management to fulfilment for various waste streams, including plastic, e-waste, battery, and tire waste, we offer a comprehensive EPR solution.

Client Success

Our track record of helping clients achieve EPR compliance and sustainability goals speaks for itself.

All-in-One Solution

EPR Compliance to Fulfilment to Circularity

Partner with us to navigate EPR compliance, achieve fulfilment, and contribute to the circularity of Plastic Waste, eWaste, Battery Waste, and Tyre Waste.

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