Driving Sustainability Education

Awareness Programmes

Engage with our interactive EPR, Waste Management Education Programs, and CSR projects, fostering a culture of responsible waste practices for diverse audiences.

Awareness Services

Interactive EPR and Waste Management Education Programs

Customized Curriculum Development

Designing educational modules tailored to the specific audience - schools, businesses, or communities, focusing on EPR and responsible waste management principles.

Interactive Workshops and Seminars

Conducting engaging and interactive sessions that include activities, discussions, and Q&A, facilitating a deeper understanding of waste management challenges and solutions.

Hands-On Learning Experiences

Organizing field trips to recycling centers or waste management facilities, hosting demonstrations to provide practical insights into waste processing and recycling, and implementing hands-on CSR projects.

Resource Distribution

Creating and distributing informative materials like brochures, posters, and videos that highlight key aspects of EPR and waste management.

Regular Updates on Environmental Policies

Providing updates on the latest environmental policies and how they impact waste management practices at a local and global level.

Feedback and Impact Assessment

Regularly collecting feedback from participants and assessing the educational program’s impact on their understanding and behavior towards waste management.

CSR Project Implementation

Integrating Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives to further contribute to sustainable waste management practices and social impact within communities.

Reasons to Choose TrackEPR

Contact us to initiate your path toward seamless EPR compliance and fulfilment, driven by sustainability.”

All-in-One Solution

EPR Compliance to Fulfilment to Circularity

Partner with us to navigate EPR compliance, achieve fulfilment, and contribute to the circularity of Plastic Waste, eWaste, Battery Waste, and Tyre Waste.